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Monterey County Chapter 

MC-CAMFT Member Spotlight

Amanda Cheyenne Weston, LPCC

Hello, Amanda Cheyenne Weston here, she/her pronouns. Grateful to have the spotlight this summer and happy to be a new member of the board! 

I come from a background in Wilderness Therapy concentration from the Transpersonal Psychology Buddhist-based graduate school of Naropa University in Boulder, CO. I’m a local to the area since middle school and attended UCSC for a Bachelor’s in Biology. My passion for Wilderness Therapy aligns with my environmentalist mission for reconnecting humans with their nature; a healthy inner ecosystem allows attention to be given to stewarding a healthy ecosystem. I believe that wilderness therapy can be done in someone’s backyard, with a dandelion growing in a Walmart parking lot, or in the mountains.

I have a certification for facilitating culturally relevant ceremony and Rites of Passage through the Somatic & Wilderness Therapy Institute. I have designed a cohort model program for coming-of-age youth to honor the transition into adulthood. I hope to facilitate an edition of this program for a small cohort this fall or next spring; I’m open to co-facilitators who wish to provide this largely missing service in Western culture.

Besides Nature Therapy, my main lens for therapeutic change is Internal Family Systems, of which I am Level One trained. As a multi-dimensional human myself, I am also trained in the Somatica Institute method of Sex and Relationship Coaching  specializing in the exploration of kink, and offer individual and couples coaching sessions separately from my licensed therapy practice.

I have a vision of combining nature therapy with intimacy building within a group context geared towards both solo and coupled individuals. Open to co-conspirators!

I am currently taking new clients outdoors in-person for nature based therapy, as well as virtual services for a more concentrated IFS therapy approach. Somatica coaching sessions are usually held at the clients’ home. All sessions are private pay at this time although I am looking into contracting with a couple insurance panels and would love to know anyone’s tips or takes. 

Happy to be here connecting with you all, and I hope to get to know more of you in depth throughout this season. I also come with a therapy dog named Boo, who you’ll get to meet at events as well! You can get in touch through my websites or by phone 831-200-4244 or email

Cheers, sending groovy summer vibes!

The Monterey County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists (MC-CAMFT)  is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

P.O. Box 3092, Monterey, CA 93942

Located on Ancestral Native Lands of Rumsen/Ohlone/Esselen Peoples

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