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Monterey County Chapter 

MC-CAMFT Member Spotlight

Michael Guichet, LMFT

Hello I am Michael Guichet and I go by Mike. I am a passionate sex therapist who loves doing the work I do. Since the beginning of my college career, double majoring in psychology and business at Cal State University Monterey Bay, I have been on the path to becoming a sex therapist. Being a bit of an oddball I knew I wanted to be a therapist at a young age as my grandmother was a therapist and I received great therapy for learning challenges at a young age. Early on I was doing sex education, volunteering at the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center, volunteering at sex therapy conferences while attending the sessions, and being in the communities I serve.

I would go on to John F. Kennedy University for a Master’s program and during the time I was getting my license I worked at the Santa Cruz Main Jail site, co-facilitated a men’s sexual assault survivor group, worked at a community college supporting students, and worked at an in-home behavioral program. With this wide variety of experiences, I started my sex therapy private practice 6 years ago and I have been focused on that work.

Practice information: My work is focused on helping individuals, partners, and couples to connect on the things that are not being talked about. Often people believe they are broken or their desires are shameful and I work to create change, support people in exploring their desires, and facilitate communication. I enjoy the work of helping clients change the patterns around their sex lives. Specializing in sex therapy I see individuals, couples, partners, and families in monogamous, polyamory, open, LGBTQ+, kink, and BDSM communities. Also, a major component of my work is supporting clients moving through sexual dysfunction and disorder. It is my passion to work to heal shame and facilitate communication around my client’s identity, relationship orientation, sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and many more aspects of the sexual experience.

I am working in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties providing only telehealth and my site can be found at I have a few slots and only taking on sex therapy clients.

I am also able to provide low-cost consultation on cultural competency around non-monogamy, LGBTQ+, and kink/BDSM clients.

Fun facts: As a little bit of self-disclosure to those who read this (just for your eyes and I am well aware it’s the Internet) I want to share that I am part of the communities I serve. I am out at the queer nights, attending spicy events, at times I am on dating sites, and generally live the out-of-the-closet life of authenticity I hope to empower my clients to find their own version of. I am out in the world collecting the data, building my community, and finding resources in interesting places.

The Monterey County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists (MC-CAMFT)  is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

P.O. Box 3092, Monterey, CA 93942

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