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October 4, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

2019 Biennial Conference

Forgiveness Training for Therapists

with Michelle Gannon, Ph.D. & Sam Jinich, Ph.D.

In all relationships we make mistakes and hurt those we love. As therapists, many of us struggle with how to truly help clients heal and how to facilitate effective forgiveness conversations. Sam and Michelle will share a powerful day about Forgiveness based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M).

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November 1, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Serving Those Who Serve

Ethical Competency & Considerations of Working with Service Members & Their Families

with Cindy Kao, PsyD

Explore unique ethical concerns and how to benefit military service members and their families. Gain an overview of military culture and the common stressors and conditions associated with military service.

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I am so excited to announce that Jennifer Farley, LPCC has accepted our nomination to become our President Elect. While we are still waiting for our members to vote on this nomination, I am thrilled at the possibility of Jennifer bringing her leadership and organizational talents to our chapter. Stay tuned for the nomination outcome.

Many of you responded to our request for help in finding a new venue for our lunch-learn events. Your suggestions have yielded possibilities we had not thought of. Weeks ago, when we realized we would probably need to move, I was discouraged and worried. It seemed to me that we had so few options. Judy Masliyah suggested I reach out to our members ---what a great suggestion!

“Summertime and the living is easy”. Remember that song? Hopefully you have enjoyed some ease this summer and found time to restore. I was at Donner Lake near Truckee for the full moon in mid-July. As the moon came up over the lake, all kinds of boats and paddle boarders decorated with lights went out to meet the moon beams streaming across the lake. What a delightful reminder of how nature grounds us, restores us and lifts our spirit.

For our next luncheon event, I have the honor of presenting on a topic that has influenced my life more than I knew: shame. Before I started formally studying shame several years ago, I thought shame was about having regrets for unwise or unkind things I did or said. I was unaware that the self-loathing and feelings of unworthiness I called ‘poor self –esteem’ were really shame.

Shame interferes with the development of the self and can begin before language is on line, embedded in the preverbal right brain. The gut-deep feeling that I was unlovable, less-than, and defective was so familiar to me that I accepted it as an accurate assessment. All the therapy I had over the years did not heal the shame ‘that bound me.’ Instead I hid my vulnerabilities and tried to over- compensate. I am sure this is true for some of you and for many of the clients who seek our help. Shame causes so much suffering it has been called “a cancer of the soul”. I’m honored to share what I have learned from my research, my clients and from my own life about identifying shame and the process for healing. If this speaks to you, I hope you will join me on September 13 at Monterey Pines Golf Club. Your comments and questions will add richness to this presentation.

A big thank you to Judy Zappacosta for her presentation on ‘Dreams and the Imagination.’ (I really regretted not being in town to hear her thoughts.) I hope you have taken a minute to email Judy your appreciation and comments. I heard it was ‘wonderful, deep and enriching.” Thanks, Judy.

Be sure our October 4th day-long conference is on your calendar. The topic of facilitating powerful forgiveness conversations in our work with our clients is so important. Our presenters, Drs. Michelle Gannon and Sam Jinich, are remarkably talented presenters and insightful therapists. This will be a rich and inspiring day, I am sure.

Thank you to Jennifer Farley for doing such a great job welcoming our July attendees, to our sponsor, Alsana and for all of our board members who contribute their time and talents. Thanks to all our members for your support.

All the best to each of you, 



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