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Date posted: 2/17/19

Poster: Jennifer Farley

Phone: (831) 324-3667


Description: This workshop is dedicated to personal growth utilizing countertransference as the trailhead to an area that needs our attention. As with many relational dynamics, often countertransference is experienced as a visceral, body-based reaction. We will utilize the wisdom of the body to deepen our understanding of what is happening for us personally through somatic awareness, embodiment and movement experientials.

Date posted: 2/1/19

Poster: Marianne Rowe, LMFT

Phone: (831) 373-1017


Description: EXPERIENTIAL, OCEAN-SIDE RETREAT: "Awakening to Interbeing" -- A deep dive into expanding consciousness into awareness of the interconnected relationship of all beings -- realizing uniqueness AND unity. Through meditation, relational, nature, movement, inquiry, shamanic ritual and writing practices participants will experience a transformative shift from a story of separation to a story of connection.

Feb. 28-March 3 in Bolinas, CA.

Date posted: 2/17/19

Poster: Cheryl Trotter

Phone: (831) 277-3648


Description: Office rental: The office is located at the mouth of Carmel Valley, by the Barnyard, and is available to rent on Mondays and/or Saturdays. The monthly cost is $125 to rent either day or $250 for both days. It is fully furnished, has a nice waiting area, restrooms are nearby, there's ample parking, and it's in a well maintained building. Please contact me if interested. It is available for rent on March 1.

Date posted: 2/1/19

Poster: Marianne Rowe

Phone: (831) 373-1017


Description: "CONSCIOUS AGING" - An 8-class exploration of relating to the challenges and opportunities in the process of becoming an Elder. Developed and researched by Institute of Noetic Sciences, this course utilizes meditation, envisioning, collective discussion and reflective journaling to cultivate shifts in consciousness away from story of self-limitation and fear towards expansiveness and connection. For a list of session topics, please visit this link.

Date posted: 2/9/19

Poster: Jasmin Jourdenais

Phone: 831-200-3885


Description: Join an Emerging Group Private Practice! Coastside Counseling Center / Jasmin Jourdenais LMFT is accepting applications for a paid AMFT position! I am in Monterey, CA and would be best fit for an Associate interested in working with children, teens and families. I am currently completing my certification to be a Supervisor and will be able to sign off on hours! Education and Experience:   Master's Degree or higher in psychology, or other related human service fields · Registered AMFT with the BBS is a must · Carried a caseload of 6-12 PT Weekly clients. Interested? Please email for more info and complete job listing!

Date posted: 1/28/19

Poster: Judy Masliyah

Phone: (831) 521-2282

Description: UNMOTHERED DAUGHTERS GROUP: New group now forming for adult women who were unmothered due to their mother's abuse, neglect, mental illness, chemical dependency, emotional unavailability, and other factors. 2 hours, every Tuesday, 14 weeks, $50 per week, limited number. Call for clinical interview:
Judy Masliyah, MFT, 831-649-3326

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